SellYOURGeorgiaHouse.COM has a proven MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENT PLAN that just may be the answer to your quick house sale. When you choose the mortgage assignment plan, you simply turn your payment book over to a buyer. This choice requires certain disclosures and legal paperwork but don’t rest assured, our team of home investors know how to navigate the mortgage assignment plan quickly and professionally.

The Mortgage Assignment Plan is typically a choice for sellers behind on payments. It is designed especially for those sellers facing imminent foreclosure and who need a quick house sale. If you’re credit is already severely damaged, but you still want to avoid having a foreclosure on your record, the Mortgage Assignment Plan gives you that chance. This plan is NOT a guarantee that your mortgage won’t go into foreclosure. This plan is NOT a guarantee that your mortgage payments will always be made on time. This plan is a calculated risk; agreed to and taken by everyone involved in order to achieve quick house sale and avoid an imminent foreclosure. It’s the kind of move you make when there is hardly anything else to lose but you want to at least TRY to keep from having a foreclosure on your record. Most people who buy houses won’t talk to you this honestly about turning over your payment book. As professional home investors we want you to know exactly what your risks are…the downside and the upside…not just the upside.

The home investors at SellYOURGeorgiaHouse.COM know you cannot take short cuts when you choose to turn over the responsibility of your mortgage to another entity. It must be done right to protect all parties. The legal paperwork used should be drawn up by attorneys that specialize in these types of transactions. If you choose to assign your mortgage, make sure you’re using the professional home buyers!

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