SellYOURGeorgiaHouse.COM has a long history of making payments to sellers just like you. If you elect to accept a down payment and collect the balance in monthly payments, we can pay a higher sales price? Did you know selling your home for payments can reduce your immediate income tax bill? When you accept payments you not only cut your immediate income tax bill, you set yourself up to receive a monthly check for years and years to come! Your typical real estate agent can’t offer you that! That’s the difference between people who buy houses and the typical agent or broker who sells houses.

Many experienced home investors miss this important option. Many people who buy houses don’t know this type of offer exists. When you “Sell for Payments” you are planning ahead. You are planning to receive a consistent monthly income…for years!

As professional home buyers, we want to help home sellers receive more money for their home, eliminate their debt, and get set up to receive a valuable monthly income. Our professional home investors make it fast and easy. Simply agree on a down payment amount you need to collect upfront and let our professional home buyers come up with a monthly income plan that works for you.

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